Unicamp Sienna Pop Top

Rated 4.9 out of 5

The Toyota Sienna equipped with a Unicamp Pop Top roof tent provides a protected, cozy, and safe accommodation. It supports a suggested weight limit of 485 lbs. Constructed with fortified thermosetting plastic that boasts durability and weather-resistance.

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Please note that the Unicamp Sienna PopTop is exclusively available for the 4th generation of Toyota Sienna vehicles.

The Unicamp Toyota Sienna Pop Top roof tent, allows for a secure, comfortable, and safe sleeping environment. With a recommended weight capacity of 485 lbs, it is designed with reinforced thermosetting plastic that assures durability and weather-resistance, making it perfect for extended camping excursions. The Unicamp Toyota Sienna Pop Top operation is extremely user-friendly as it can be opened and closed in a mere 5 seconds using the Sienna's original car key and interior buttons. It provides ample sleeping space for two adults, complete with a large window for ventilation. Further enhancing the camping experience, the Unicamp Sienna Pop Top also incorporates a mosquito net to keep insects out.

Pop Top Interior Dimensions
Height: 2100 mm / 82.67 inches
Width: 1100 mm / 43.30 inches
Revolutionary Motorized/Manual Rooftop Tent
This cutting-edge accessory can be operated motorized and manual system, providing the ultimate convenience and versatility for your camping adventures. This seamless electric operation ensures a hassle-free camping experience, allowing you to set up and pack up your tent in no time. For those who appreciate a hands-on approach, the manual operation system provides the flexibility you desire. Whether you find yourself in an emergency situation or simply prefer a more hands-on camping experience, this rooftop tent allows you to adjust and operate it manually with ease.
Elevate Your Experience: Unmatched Convenience and Reliable Performance
Operating your rooftop tent has never been easier, thanks to the fast opening and closing speed of less than 5 seconds when using the electric feature. This quick and seamless operation ensures a hassle-free camping experience. Plus, the innovative ghost closing system provides added stability with a perfect self-locking function, ensuring your tent stays securely closed. For enhanced safety, the roof tent is equipped with an obstacle detection system that automatically halts the operation if it detects contact, keeping you and your vehicle protected.
Built to Last: Unprecedented Durability and Preservation for Long-lasting Enjoyment
To ensure exceptional durability and longevity, the Unicamp rooftop tent is constructed using SMC (Reinforced Thermoset Plastic) as the outer material. This unique manufacturing process involves increasing the mold extrusion at high temperatures, resulting in increased durability, resistance to corrosion and deformation, and improved sound insulation. With careful attention to manufacturing details and mass production, this roof tent boasts a flawless quality that will withstand the test of time.